Note: If you have not chosen one, we can help you!

i.e. what months, how often?

Groups should be

  • Eager to protect our waterways
  • Committed to learning about watershed ecology, either by using our interactive materials or by adopting a beach or shoreline

You can

  • Host a shoreline cleanup
  • Participate in fun interactive activities
  • Learn about shorelines and help restore them
  • Provide text, audio or videos during events to share with other Beachkeeper groups and on social media

How it works

  1. Sign your group up as a Beachkeeper group!
  2. Choose a beach or shoreline you want to adopt (optional)
  3. Use our activities!
  4. Take action! Shoreline clean ups, Yellow Fish Road Program, etc!
  5. Share your experiences with your community

The Beachkeeper Program was created by the Ottawa Riverkeeper. Learn more about Ottawa Riverkeeper


Do more!

Want to know how you can do more to protect water? 
Here’s some great tools.

Swim Guide

A website and a smartphone app that delivers real time water quality information to Swim Guide users for over 7,000 beaches, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and New Zealand. And it’s free.

Drink Guide

An app that gives you instant access to four types of Canadian drinking water advisories:

• Boil Water
• Blue-Green Algae
• Water Shortage
• Do Not Consume

Water Rangers

An app and website that promotes citizen science for our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.

• Track water quality over time
• Learn the science
• Organize volunteers
• Report issues

Watersheds map

Explore visualization of the Ottawa River Watershed, such as microplastics, flow maps, proposed pipelines and more.

Educational resources

Education and resources that you can use to engage your communities on key issues and stewardship activities they can undertake.


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