Show some love
to your local shoreline by
learning to protect it!

You can adopt a beach or a shoreline and learn about its local ecology and how to protect it!

You don’t have the time to go in the field? It’s not a problem! You can also use our activities without going outside!



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We need you!

We are looking for passionate groups who want to promote healthy shorelines or learn how our watershed works.

A Beachkeeper team can adopt a beach/shoreline and…

  • Learn about the local issues and environment
  • Clean up the shoreline
  • Explore the water’s edge with aquascopes!
  • Inspire others to explore and care for the shoreline



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Teach others!

Use our activities such as the Yellow Fish Road Program!

  • Reduce pollution that enters the water through storm drains by educating neighbourhoods about what does and doesn’t go in a storm drain
  • Use stencils to write ”rainwater only
  • Inspire others to do the same!
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As a Beachkeeper you can get involved by learning from our activities and by teaching others!

  • Learn how land-use activities impact water quality by using our Storm Water Model
  • Use our Factsheets and our Guides for Action to learn about species at risk as well as things you can do to improve your shoreline and to protect your river!
  • Educate your community about the river, the issues impacting it, and its health through a wide range of activities and resources provided by Ottawa Riverkeeper
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Water tests

Learn about water chemistry

Any team that wants to go out in the field and learn more about water quality can get a water quality testkit from Water Rangers. Use the iOS app to collect data in the field and the online platform to track water quality changes over time. Kits include equipment to test air temperature, water temperature, pH, hardness, alkalinity, and conductivity.

See the testkit

Latest Observations

from Water Rangers


The Beachkeeper program is a fantastic way to teach our students about protecting waterways. They have so much fun because it’s hands-on! We’ve already done a shoreline cleanup and are looking forward to doing water quality sampling throughout the year.

Amy Greg, Head of Junior School Science

Ashbury College Beachkeeper Leader at Petrie Island
Science Teacher at Ashbury College


Some of our Beachkeeper teams

Ashbury College

76 individual Beachkeepers are protecting Petrie Island near the Ottawa River.

Earl of March

44 individual Beachkeepers are protecting Watt's Creek in Kanata.

125th Nepean Guides

18 individual Beachkeepers are protecting Camp Woolsey Beach on the Ottawa River.

The Friends of Petrie Island

5 individual Beachkeepers are protecting Petrie Island's beach and pond on the Ottawa River.

Blue Sky School

11 individual Beachkeepers are protecting the Carp River in Kanata.

Fédération Des Lacs de Val-des-Monts

16 individual Beachkeepers are protecting the stream connecting Lac Girard to Lac McGlashan

Programme C-Vert d'Enviro Éduc-Action

16 individuals Beachkeeper are protecting the stream of the Gilbert-Garneau Park.

Camp de jour de l'UQO

Many individuals Beachkeeper are protecting the beach of the Moussette Park.

72nd Ottawa Cubs

Many individuals Beachkeeper are protecting the Mooney's Bay Beach.


In the field

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Ready to get started?

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Beachkeeper team?

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Do more!

Want to know how you can do more to protect water? 
Here’s some great tools.

Swim Guide

A website and a smartphone app that delivers real time water quality information to Swim Guide users for over 7,000 beaches, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and New Zealand. And it’s free.

Drink Guide

An app that gives you instant access to four types of Canadian drinking water advisories:

• Boil Water
• Blue-Green Algae
• Water Shortage
• Do Not Consume

Water Rangers

An app and website that promotes citizen science for our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans.

• Track water quality over time
• Learn the science
• Organize volunteers
• Report issues

Watersheds map

Explore visualization of the Ottawa River Watershed, such as microplastics, flow maps, proposed pipelines and more.

Educational resources

Education and resources that you can use to engage your communities on key issues and stewardship activities they can undertake.


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